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Title Setup          $399

  • This option is required for print publication
  • Submission of ready-to-go digital files
  • Provide us with your manuscript in Microsoft Word or text format and your cover art in digital format (300 dpi .tiff file) and we will format it for you. Heavy formatting and art correction may incur additional charges.
  • Submission to the worldwide wholesale channels: Baker & Taylor and Ingram (these are the wholesalers that bookstores purchase from);, Barnes & Noble, etc.
  • Proof Copy


eBook Setup          $130

  • We will format your Work for the Kindle and Nook and publish to those sites. Rate for this is $65/hour and generally takes 2 hours for a typical cover and text.  More or less time spent will be billed or credited accordingly. Apple iBook and other formats are available upon request at additional formatting charge.


First Chapter Preview          $90

  • We will create a Flip Page Preview of your 1st chapter and make it available on your website (if we maintain it) or provide you the files to incorporate it into your website.


Cover Art Design

  • This is a totally custom service. We will put you in touch with one of our artists who will provide a concept sketch and a price. 50% will be due at time of sketch acceptance; remainder due at time of final art acceptance.
  • Please let us know if you desire to copyright the artwork. Otherwise Publisher reserves right to copyright artwork to protect the Work.


Scan Cover          $35

  • If you wish us to scan the cover for you, please send it to us UNFOLDED and include a cover sheet with your Production ID.


Proofing Services

  • Due to the custom nature of this service, we will put you in touch with one of our editors who will work directly with you. Price ranges from $0.01 – $0.05 per word depending on how heavy the editing is required.


Copyright Service          $70

  •  We will submit your Manuscript and/or Cover Art to the U.S. Copyright Office on your behalf and in your name. Price is each.


Library of Congress  Service          $40

  • We will submit the Work to the Library of Congress Catalog on your behalf.


Ingram Advance           $60

  • A monthly catalog that is distributed to booksellers and libraries around the world. Titles are eligible to be included in Ingram Advance only once, when they are first released. With this marketing service, Ingram will produce a short paragraph describing the title. Retail pricing and a black & white cover image will also be included. This is available ONLY at the time a title is submitted to the Publisher for initial set-up. Titles submitted to Ingram Advance will not appear in the catalog until 3-4 months after the title has been approved to print.


Bookstore Return Program          $699

  • Books printed are considered non-returnable. This can be a deterrence to some bookstores.
  • Entice bookstores to stock your book by allowing them to return unsold titles, increasing your chances that a bookstore will be willing to stock your book. Enrolling in the program eliminates the bookstore’s risk of losing money on unsold inventory and will be more likely to stock the book since they can return it for complete refund. The icing on the cake is that the Author retains the royalty for every book sold, whether returned or not.
  • This fee is for the first year. Subsequent years will be invoiced at $300 per year if you choose to renew it.


Website          $99

  • Will create and host a simple website that will feature:
    • Your Photo & Bio
    • A blog that you can maintain
    • Link(s) to your books that you publish through us (additional fee if you want links to other books published elsewhere)
    • Will register your name as a domain name (or another one you choose), pending availability. If you already have one registered, we will assist you in pointing it to our servers
    • Domain name fee (as set by Domain Registrar) and/or $25 hosting fee will be billed annually. Failure to pay either will result in website cancellation.
    • Click HERE for an example.


Marketing Materials

We can print an array of marketing materials: business cards, bookmarks, postcards, banners, free-standing signs for conventions and book fairs, and whole lot more. Here are few samples; they show the front on the left and the back on the right (click the image to see a larger version)

Business Card Flyers     Bookmarks     Postcards     Free Standing Banner Signs



Book Stock

  • Author can order books to stock to sell at conventions, book fairs, family & friends, etc. at a discounted price (no royalties are paid on these orders).


Mailing service

  • We can print, address, and mail postcards to book stores across the country.
  • We have lists or you can supply your own.


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