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Welcome to the publishing division of TholianWeb Productions, Inc. I became very disappointed when I was looking for a publisher for my book. The traditional publishers wanted a commitment for 2,000 – 5,000 books upfront (that’s $10 – $20K!!!). Vanity Presses wanted several thousand dollars upfront and are restrictive in rights to your work. One publisher even wanted 40% of the movie and TV take; SERIOUSLY?!?

So, a couple authors got together and formed our own publishing firm. In this technological day and age, most authors can format their own work so that it is ready to publish. There is no need to buy these expensive packages with options and services you don’t want or need. When we sat down, we asked ourselves “What could we offer the techno-savvy author while still catering to the not-so-techno-savvy author?” We came up with an a la carte menu of services. The author that provides a ready-to-publish manuscript just needs the basic setup to get their work into the channels. They can then choose any or none of the other marketing options available. The author who can’t (or doesn’t want to) format their work, can add the formatting service. Want your own website with a blog, your photo and bio, and links to your works (with purchase links)? We can provide that too. This has literally been built by authors for authors!

Since I already had technical and web experience and the corporate identity, it was only logical to launch this as a division of TholianWeb. Please click the links in this text to see for yourself (they will launch in their own windows).

Please feel free to use the Contact Us link on the right to drop us line to ask a question or get started. I wish you all the best in your writing and hope to publish your work in the near future.


-Gary L. Zeiger
President, Publisher, & Author


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